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RFID Exam Basics:

The CompTIA RFID+ exam is the only current test or governing organization certifying RFID professionals.  As the RFID industry grows, more and more companies and government organizations will demand RFID certification.  Below is the testing attributes and testing definition for the RFID+ exam from CompTIA in BLACK, as well as our "Simple English" explanation in RED, and our measurement of scores by percentage.

CompTIA RFID+ exam:
Number of Questions:  81  (appx. 1 minute 11 seconds per).
Exam Format: Conventional; situational and identification multiple-choice questions.  Multiple choice, normally select 1 or 2 of 4.
Exam Duration: 90 minutes
Recommended Experience: CompTIA Network+ and a minimum of six to twenty-four months of RFID technology experience recommended, but not required.
Passing Score: 630 out of a possible 900 points = 70%
Languages Available: English
RFID+ Exam Code: RF0-001
Price: $258.00 (as of 1/1/09)
Certification: CompTIA RFID+ Certified Professional (CRCP)
CompTIA RFID Test Link: http://www.comptia.org/certification/rfid/

CompTIA Definition:
The skills and knowledge measured by this examination are derived from an industry-wide job task analysis (JTA) and have been validated by Subject Matter Experts from around the globe.  Basically some pretty smart and qualified people put the exam together!

The CompTIA RFID+ Certified Professional (CRCP) candidate will have foundational RFID knowledge, typically 6-24 months of experience in the RFID industry and performs the following tasks as part of his or her job: (Not required, but it wouldn't hurt.)

– Installation, configuration and maintenance of RFID hardware and device software 
– Site surveys/Site analysis 
– Tag selection, placement and testing 

This examination blueprint includes test objectives and example content for the CompTIA RFID+ exam.  Example topics and content are included to clarify the test objectives but are not comprehensive listings for the content of this examination.  This blueprint may undergo additional minor modifications during the test development phase.  I think this means the Domains include the information to be tested, but other information not listed in the Domains may also be tested.  My advice, concentrate on the defined domains and you will be fine.

Response Limits: The examinee selects from four (4) or more response options, the option(s) that best completes the statement or answers the question.  Distractors or wrong answers are response options that examinees with incomplete knowledge or skill would likely choose, but are generally plausible responses fitting into the content area.  Test item formats used in this examination are:  They are going to try and trick you with similar answers or answers that are only partially right.  Make sure your answers are 100% right.

Multiple choice: The examinee selects one option that best answers the question or completes a statement.  The option can be embedded in a graphic where the examinee “points and clicks” 
on their selection choice to complete the test item. 

Multiple response: The examinee selects more than one option that best answers the question or completes a statement.  

Drag and drop items: A drag and drop item is an item that requires the candidate to drag a graphic or text box to a correct destination. 

Scores by Percentage:
Scores: max# % Status
621 900 69% Headline:  
Local Boy Fails To Make Hero!
630 900 70% You passed, Congrats!
720 900 80% Aw-ite, you know a little bit!
810 900 90%  Nice! Put it on the resume!
855 900 95%  Yes Sir, right away Sir, or Mam!
882 900 98%  People should bow before you!
900 900 100%  American Idol !!!




Free Software App.

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