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Training Companies

OTA Training
RFID Revolution
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RFID Colleges

Penn State Behrend  (Erie)
Univ. of Arkansas


Univ. of Florida

Univ. of Pittsburgh

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Univ. of Minnesota

Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

Univ. of Cambridge

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Texas A&M

Oakton Comm. College (IL)

Middlesex Comm.Col. ( MA)

Merrimack College

James Madison Univ.

Indiana Univ. - Purdue Univ.

Western Michigan

RFID Education Experts

Frank DeWolf - Ed., SC
Leslie Downey - Ed., Cons.
Robert Sabella - Education
Sanjiv Dua - Education
Marc Cantor - Ed., Careers
Mark Brown - Ed., Author
Brian Zentis - Education
Chris Wassel - Education

































2- Day - Training Providers:

2-Day - Training Providers are commercial organizations, colleges/universities, or vendor sponsored  2-day CompTIA RFID+ certified preparatory courses, sometimes referred to as Boot Camps.  

Below is the course I attended at Penn State Behrend, as well as upcoming Boot Camps around the country (where available). 

Penn State Behrend (Erie, PA):
College: Penn State Behrend (eBizITPA)
Corporate HQ: Erie, PA
CompTIA Approved: Yes
Vendor Neutral: Yes
Courses: Introduction to RFID, RFID Training (2 days)
RFID+ Certification Course Cost: $249  (as of 1/1/09)
CompTIA RFID+ *QSA Manual: CompTIA RFID+ Certification by Thomson Course Technology.

*Includes 175 Question Quiz CD.
Read & Reviewed by Me

Offer CompTIA RFID+ Test On-Site: No
Course Duration: 2 Days (1 day, half day, for other courses)
Training Locations: Erie, PA
Site URL: (below)
Synopsis: a
We cannot say enough good about the folks and the RFID program at Penn State Behrend.  The group is headed by Frank DeWolf, who spent many years in supply chain, and is as knowledgeable as they come on RFID.  The program consists of two days of classroom and hands on training, in a state of art classroom and a state of the art RFID lab.  All participants receive a CompTIA Quality Seal Approved RFID+ Manual, as well as the 175 Question Quiz CD (which I mention throughout this site is critical to passing the CompTIA RFID+ exam).  In and out of the lab, you work with real world scenarios that help you to gain a better understanding of the capabilities and limitations of RFID.  Some examples include tagging different types of products, from beverages to cereal, and determining appropriate tagging techniques and RFID range.  You will be exposed to and work with all types of antennas, and learn how to isolate and prevent frequency interference.  You will encode tags, use RFID software, work with conveyor systems and light readers, and the list goes on and on.  The PSU Behrend CompTIA RFID+ course is available for less then $500, and can be viewed here, or you can download a fact sheet here.  If this program is geographically, financially and educationally enough to meet your needs, we can't recommend it highly enough.  

*QSA refers to CompTIA Quality Seal Approved.

NOTE:  Listing of other "Boot Camps" coming soon.

If you know of any other "Boot Camps," please send us an Email  with link or post on the Forum.


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