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Employers - Now Hiring

Do you have an open RFID position(s) that needs to be filled?  Are you seeking the newly certified candidate or an industry veteran?  We can help!  All of our recruiters have many years of recruiting experience and are CompTIA RFID+ Certified. 

How We Can Help:

Our engagement begins with your candidate requirements, the (REQ).  The better the REQ the better candidate.  We will closely work with you to define the REQ, and search our vast pool of resumes, industry contacts and affiliate schools to find you best well vetted candidates.  We believe that the candidates we submit to our customers has a strong reflection on us, and are committed to ensuring that only the best and brightest interview for your position.

Getting Started:

You have a couple of ways to engage our services.  

  • You can call us, at 240-286-4128, and we would be happy to discuss your candidate requirement and help you to refine it (if you so desire).
  • You can email us, at Marc@RFIDStudent.com and include a brief description of your requirement, company name and contact phone number, and we will call you to discuss.   

Service and Fees:

RFIDStudent provides recruiting services at no charge to candidates.  All fees are paid by the hiring organization.  Please call or email for a hiring fees and service agreement quotation.





Free Software App.

We wrote this app., it allows you to calculate Full-Time, Contract & 1099 positions.  Plug in a few numbers, and it does the rest.  You can View it or Download it here:

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